May 22, 2020
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Umberto Giordano
Andrea Chénier

Author of eleven operas, choral works, and chamber vocal and piano compositions, Umberto Giordano (1867–1948) etched his name into music history with just one masterpiece, the opera Andrea Chénier, which was a stunning success. In this sense Giordano’s career was similar to those of verismo composers Ruggero Leoncavallo and Pietro Mascagni.

Luigi Illica’s libretto deals with the twilight years of the life of André Chénier, a prominent poet of the French revolution time (although, of course, there is no historical accuracy in the opera). The Revolution, love and jealousy, honour and dishonor, servants and lords – all these themes are reflected in Giordano’s wonderful music. The magnificent arias, especially Chénier’s Un di all'azzurro spazio, have invariably been in the repertoire of leading singers.

Andrea Chénier Najmiddin Mavlyanov
La comtesse di Coigny Tatyana Tabachuk
Maddalena de Coigny Irina Moreva
Carlo Gérard Sergey Murzaev
Bersi Gayane Babajanyan
Pietro Fléville Boris Zhukov
The Abbé Maxim Ostroukhov
Mathieu Sergey Sheremet
The Incredible Anton Bochkaryov
Roucher Otar Kunchulia
Madelon Margarita Nekrasova
Fouquier-Tinville Andrey Fetisov
Schmidt Alexander Popov
Master of the Household Sergey Tarasov

May 23, 2020
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Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
The Snow Maiden

The opera is a non-fairytale love story. Events are unfolding amid the pagan festival of Maslenitsa (the Pancake week),full of merry-making, enjoyment of life and mischief. Maslenitsa is a short span of time between Winter and Spring, between eternal calm and eternal love (which of them do people need more?). It bursts into the fairytale people’s life to make it madly real. Mythical things are interwoven with earthly life, while earthly life rises to a myth.

Music Director and Conductor Evgeny Samoilov

Snow Maiden Victoria Shevtsova
Kupava Natalia Kreslina
Mizgir Sergey Sheremet
Spring Yulia Mennibaeva
Grandfather Frost Vitaly Efanov
Lel Irina Romishevskaya
Tsar Berendey Alexander Bogdanov
Bermyata Dmitry Orlov
Bobyl Marat Gareyev
Bobylikha Tatyana Smirnova
First Herald Anton Bochkaryov
Second Herald Mikhail Pervushin


May 24, 2020
Start at 19:00

Bedřich Smetana
The Bartered Bride

Music Director and Conductor Felix Korobov

Krušina Artyom Garnov
Ludmila Anna Sinitsyna
Mařenka Irina Bozhenko
Mícha Otar Kunchulia
Háta Irina Romishevskaya
Vašek Alexander Tyupa
Jeník Andrey Danilоv
Kecal Alexey Antonov
Principál komediantů Anton Bochkaryov
Esmeralda Elena Terentieva
Indián Andrey Fetisov


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