Igor Stravinsky

Le Sacre du printemps. Les Noces

Le Sacre du printemps. Les Noces

The performance of the ‘Provincial Dances’ Theatre


Choreographer: Tatiana Baganova

Music Director and Conductor: Valentin Uryupin

Set and Costume Designer: Alexander Shishkin

Lighting Designer: Ivan Vinogradov


Author of idea, producer and choreographer: Tatiana Baganova

Conductor: Dmitry Volosnikov

Choirmaster: Yulia Senyukova

Set Designer: Yaroslav Frantsev

Technological Designer: Alexander Polagaev

Lighting Designer: Maxim Sergachev

Costume Designer: Yuri Pomelov

Running time: 2 hours with one intermission


The Provincial Dances Theatre of the Modern Choreography of Yekaterinburg led by Tatiana Baganova

The New Opera Theatre in cooperation with Mart Foundation presents the Dance Residence programme. The project will start with the Provincial Dances Theatre of the Modern Choreography of Yekaterinburg led by Tatiana Baganova. It is one of the first vanguard ensembles in post-Soviet Russia, it has become a pioneer in the genre of contemporary dance, formed and fixed this definition in the cultural space of our country. Nowadays Tatiana Baganova is the most titled choreographer of contemporary dances in Russia, a prize-winner of The Golden Mast Award (2000, 2001, 2008 and 2014) and a top-ranked artist all over the world who has won awards at international competitions in Hannover and Paris; her productions are performed in Europe and America.

The dance ensemble will present its most important performances on the New Opera stage.


Igor Stravinsky. Le Sacre du printemps

Tatiana Baganova ventured to produce Stravinky’s legendary Le Sacre du printemps at the ballet’s 100th anniversary year: it was premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia as a part of the festival A century of Le Sacre du printemps – a century of modernism (2013). The performance became a prize-winner of The Golden Mask Award (The best performance in the modern dance and Designer’s best work, 2014)

Revival of the production of 2013


Igor Stravinsky. Les Noces

Les Noces performance produced by Tatiana Baganova’s production has become a legend. Created in 1999, it got The Goden Mask Award in 2000 and was called ‘the first iconic performance in new Russian dance’. It is based on Igor Stravinsky’s homonymous work that the composer himself characterized as ‘Russian choreographic scenes with singing and music’. The literary base of the plot in the choreographer’s version is an old rite that essentially consists of the ritual in which a bridegroom himself cuts a plait, a symbol of female beauty, with a snee. A spectator watches the process of acquaintance, match-making, preparation to the sacred ritual and the plait cut. In 2019, the performance was revived in the repertoire of the Provincial Dances Theatre in a new version: renewed choreography, set design and costumes.

Running time – 30 minutes


The Provincial Dances Theatre of the Modern Choreography of Yekaterinburg was established in 1990, it is one of the first theatres of the modern choreography in Russia. The artistic Director is Tatiana Baganova.

The theatre is a six-time prize winner of The Golden Mask Award for Les Noces, Maple Garden, Post-Engagement. Diptych. Part II, This is Not a Love Song, and Imago-Trap productions. The artistic history of the theatre also comprises 19 nominations for The Golden Mask. During 30 years history the theatre has presented almost 700 performances that were held at festivals in 55 cities of 20 countries and in 40 Russian cities.

Nowadays The Provincial Dances Theatre led by Tatiana Baganova is a theatre achievement, a theatre brand that has international conversion, it enjoys authority in Russian and international professional environment of the highest level: it is proved with many theatre’s awards, its participation at international festivals in Russia and abroad.

Tatiana Baganova is a choreographer, the artistic director of the Provincial Dances Theatre, a multiple nominee and prize winner of The Golden Mask Russian National Theatre Award. Having received a traditional education as choreographer (The Moscow Institute for Culture),she systematically sharpens her skills in cooperation with European choreographers and American Dance Festival. Many years of working at the Provincial Dances Theatre and creation of many production that won awards at the international festivals, let her to hammer out her own method of the body orientation and of the training for ‘a cohesive new dancer’. She is considered to be one of the main characters in the modern Russian choreography, and many of her works have already become a legend.



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