Pietro Mascagni

Cavalleria rusticana

Cavalleria rusticana

Musical drama in one act

Conductors: Anatoly Gus, Valery Kritskov

Stage Director: Kari Heiskanen

Set Designer: Ernst Heidebrecht

Costume Designer: Maria Danilova

Choirmasters: Natalya Popovich , Victor Kuturaev

Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes with no intermission

Premiered on 20 April 2001

Recommended for 12+

Taken off in 2013

Cavalleria rusticana is a story of love and passion, jealousy and betrayal. Neglected by her beloved and blind with jealousy, the heroine of the opera tries by hook or by crook to make him come back, but her actions result in her sweetheart’s death. Mascagni’s enchanting music with its catchy tunes and “wailing” crescendos, magnificent choral numbers and ensembles is a real revelation to music lovers. The tense emotional atmosphere is accentuated by expressive movement.



Gosudarstvennoe byudzhetnoe uchrezhdenie kul`tury` goroda Moskvy` «Moskovskij teatr «Novaya Opera» imeni E.V.Kolobova»