Ruggero Leoncavallo

I Pagliacci

I Pagliacci

Musical drama in one act

Music Director and Conductor: Anatoly Gus

Conductor: Valery Kritskov

Stage Director: Kari Heiskanen

Set Designer: Ernst Heidebrecht

Costume Designer: Maria Danilova

Choirmasters: Marina Vasilkova, Viktor Kuturaev

Light director: Sergei Martynov

Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes with no intermission

Premiered on 28 April 2002

Recommended for 12+

Taken off in 2013

In Kari Heiskanen’s production, Leoncavallo’s undying music is given a new scenic implementation. The strolling actors turn into cinema stars and the stage into a film set. It’s all unusual and, at the same time, absolutely real – the beauty of forbidden love and the anger of the cuckolded husband. The story comes to a tragic ending in the middle of shooting a soap opera. Driven to madness, Canio stabs his wife and her lover and then kills himself in front of the bewildered witnesses of the drama.


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