Anna Kostrikova

Guest Designer
Anna Kostrikova

She graduated from the the Russian University of Theatre Arts (2016). She is an artist of Dmitry Krymov's laboratory in the School of Drama Arts Theatre.

As a designer she worked at the productions Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka (Open Stage, 2013), Oh, Late Love (Dmitry Krymov's laboratory, 2014), The Gull, oh, not that… (the Bulgakov House, 2015), Elizaveta Bam (in cooperation with Tatiana Anastasova, the Yermolova Theatre, 2015), InOne's Own Words. Nikolai Gogol "Dead Souls" (The History of a present) (Dmitry Krymov's laboratory, 2016), Without a Dowry (Dmitry Krymov's laboratory, 2017). She is costume designer at the production of In One's Own Words. Alexander Pushkin. "Eugene Onegin" (Dmitry Krymov's laboratory, 2015).

Anna Kostrikova took part at the exhibitions:
“The Artist's Book” (Central House of Artists, Moscow, 2013);
Group exhibition of Dmitry Krymov's laboratory (David Borovsky's memorial museum, Moscow, 2013);
The sky, the Birds and the Flowers (cooperative exhibition of Irina Starzhenetskaya and students, Art hall Vykhino, Moscow, 2015);
The young theatre artists' exhibition Klin 10 (Moscow, 2015);
World exhibition of set design and theatre architecture Prague Quadrinalle(Czechia, 2015).


Engelbert Humperdinck's The Gingerbread House, or Hänsel und Gretel — Designer


Государственное бюджетное учреждение культуры города Москвы «Московский театр «Новая Опера» имени Е.В.Колобова»