June 5, 2020
Start at 19:00

Friedrich von Flotow
Martha, oder Der Markt zu Richmond

Opera in concert

The amours and the comic in the opera often go hand-in-hand. A remarkable case in point is the fascinating romantic comedy Martha, oder Der Markt zu Richmond (1847) by German composer Friedrich von Flotow (1812–1883). The delicate, dynamic and colourful Martha with its unpretentious plot and haunting melodies quickly became very popular in Europe.

The opera was premiered in 1847 at the Kärntnertortheater in Vienna, and in the following year the composition was Franz Liszt’s conducting debut in Weimar. The first Russian production was staged at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1856. In our theatre the opera was performed as a part of the Italian opera soirees Epiphany Festival (2018).

Conductor Felix Korobov

Lady Harriet Durham Elena Terentieva
Nancy Anna Sinitsyna
Plunkett Ilya Kuzmin
Lyonel Georgy Faradzhev
Lord Tristan Mickleford Alexey Antonov
Sheriff Mikhail Pervushin


June 6, 2020
Start at 19:00

Maurice Ravel
L’enfant et les sortilèges

Only toys that have sprung to life know how to reform a naughty boy who talks back to his mother, does not want to do his homework, tears books and is cruel to animals. Magiс and miracles are awaiting the young troublemaker on his way to friendship and kindness.

It is difficult to relate the charm of Ravel’s musical fairy tale which stirs children and adults alike. Amazing miracles happen in the boy’s room: unexpectedly all the objects come to life, because they do not want to meekly put up with the boy’s bad behavior any longer. Broken toys, furniture and crockery and hurt animals do not want to be friends with him anymore. The naughty boy can but listen to their reproaches and watch them having fun without him.

Music Director and Conductor Jan Latham-Koenig

Child Victoria Shevtsova
Mother, Chinese Cup – Alexandra Saulskaya-Shulyatieva
Armchair, Tree – Maxim Kuzmin-Karavaev
Ottoman, Bat – Lyudmila Kaftaikina
Teapot – Вениамин Егоров
Clock, Male Cat – Alexander Martynov
Lamp, Princess, Nightingale – Anastasia Belukova
Female Cat, Squirrel – Tatyana Tabachuk
Shepherdess, Owl – Marina Zhukova
Arithmetician, Frog – Maxim Ostroukhov
Shepherd – Alexander Popov


June 6, 2020
Start at 18:00

Online-Lounge: Dmitry Sibirtsev and Fabio Mastrangelo
& Giacomo Puccini


Music Director and Conductor Fabio Mastrangelo

Mimi Irina Lungu
Rodolfo Andrey Dunaev
Marcello Vasily Ladyuk
Schaunard Artyom Garnov
Colline Evgeny Stavinsky
Benoît Sergey Tarasov
Alcindoro Andrey Fetisov
Parpignol Anton Bochkaryov
A customs Sergeant Ivan Petrov
Musetta Ekaterina Mironycheva
A boy Savely Breus


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