Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Swan Lake

Swan Lake

Fantastic ballet in two acts

Libretto by: Vasily Geltzer, Vladimir Begichev

Choreographers: Lev Ivanov, Marius Petipa

Choreographic Version by: Valentin Grischenko

Costume Designer: Yulia Zhuravlyova

Orchestra: The Orchestra of the Novaya Opera Theatre

Conductor: Vasily Valitov

Ballet Festival

Works by Pyotr Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) were an important milestone in the history and development of ballet. Essentially, it was Tchaikovsky who made ballet a fully-fledged musical and drama genre and released music from its role as illustration to choreography. The composer worked mostly in the rigid frame of ballet dramaturgy. The music of all his ballets is adaptive, choreographic, objective and, at the same time, it has the power of generalization that gives symphonic features to a theatrical piece.

Tchaikovsky’s first ballet masterpiece, Swan Lake, was in fact born twice. Its first birthday happened in 1877, when the ballet was staged at the Bolshoi Theatre to Begichev and Geltzer’s script. The second birthday took place after Tchaikovsky’s death: in winter 1894 the Mariinsky Theatre premiered the ballet adapted by the great choreographer Marius Petipa and his disciple Lev Ivanov. They revealed the profound drama potential of the piece and it was their version that made Swan Lake one of the most popular ballets.

The Russian Classical Ballet offers the Petipa version adapted by Valentin Grischenko.

The Petipa Russian Classical Ballet was founded in 2007. “Talent and loyalty to the classical traditions of Russian ballet” is the artistic motto of the company. Its main goal is twofold: on the one hand the company seeks to preserve the classical traditions of Russian ballet and, on the other hand, it looks for new, more contemporary forms of the choreographic art and explores new directions and possibilities of choreography. The basis of the company's repertoire includes masterpieces of classical ballet such as Adam’s Giselle, Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella, Minkus’ Don Quixote, Bizet-Shchedrin’s Suite Carmen to mention but a few. A special page of the repertoire is Tchaikovsky’s three ballets – Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty.

Today the company has over 40 ballet dancers. They are graduates of the best choreographic schools in Russia and the former USSR, namely in Moscow, Leningrad-St. Petersburg, Perm, Novosibirsk, Kiev to mention a few. The theatre has toured in many countries of the world including Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Luxembourg, China, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, the USA, the UAE and some others. The artistic director of the company, Valentin Grischenko believes that ballet is not just a show, but an art demanding special sensitivity from both the performer and the spectator. In preserving the traditions of Russian classical ballet, the theatre makes a contribution to the development of this art all over the world.


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