Ruslan and Lyudmila

Ruslan and Lyudmila

Music fantasy based on Glinka’s opera and Pushkin’s poem in two parts

Musical version by: Evgeny Kolobov

Conductors: Evgeny Samoilov, Andrey Lebedev, Nikolay Sokolov

Director and Choreographer: Ivan Fadeyev

Set and Costume Designer: Victor Gerasimenko

Choirmasters: Natalya Popovich , Victor Kuturaev, Marina Vasilkova

Lighting Designer: Sergey Shevchenko

Running time: 2 hours 35 minutes with one intermission

Premiered on 15 December 2005

Recommended for 6+

Taken off in 2013

As if with a wave of a magic wand, the audience will be transported to “the things of days, in Lithe gone, the legends of the past obscure…”

The tender love of Ruslan and Lyudmila is in the hands of evil and kind magicians, who will surprise the audience with miraculous metamorphoses: “there visions fill a vale and forest… there are the strangest creatures’ traces.” The evil dwarf Chernomor will separate the loving couple at the happy moment of their wedding, but the sage Finn’s prophecy will be fulfilled и the treacherous sorcerer will be defeated.

The production of Ruslan and Lyudmila gave birth to the Novaya Opera Theatre in 1991, when Evgeny Kolobov’s musical version of the opera was first performed at a music festival in Perugia (Italy). For years afterwards, the fantasia was shown in many cities in Russia and abroad and even won the “Week Star” theatrical award given by the German newspaper Abendzeitung during the theatre’s tour in Germany. In the season of 2005–2006, Novaya Opera produced a new staging of this version of Ruslan and Lyudmila. The production is dedicated to Evgeny Kolobov. 



Gosudarstvennoe byudzhetnoe uchrezhdenie kul`tury` goroda Moskvy` «Moskovskij teatr «Novaya Opera» imeni E.V.Kolobova»