Giuseppe Verdi

I due Foscari

I due Foscari

lyrical tragedy in two acts

Music Director and Conductor: Evgeny Samoilov

Stage Director: Valery Raku

Set and Costume Designer: Victor Gerasimenko

Choirmaster: Victor Kuturaev

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes with one intermission

Premiered on 26 March 1995

Jacopo Foscari has returned to his homeland to see his family despite being exiled years before for murder. The Council of Ten gives its judgement: Jacopo is sentenced to finish his life in exile. His father, the Doge, is powerless to save him. Lucrezia, Jacopo's wife, begs to be allowed to accompany Jacopo, with their children, but is refused. Another man confesses to the murder, but it is too late as Jacopo dies upon leaving Venice. Lordano, a member of the Council and the family's enemy, completes his vengeance by rousing the Council of Ten to demand the Doge's resignation. He does so, and as his successor is proclaimed, he sinks and dies, a broken old man.



Gosudarstvennoe byudzhetnoe uchrezhdenie kul`tury` goroda Moskvy` «Moskovskij teatr «Novaya Opera» imeni E.V.Kolobova»